Aging is a fact of life, but Regenerative Medicine offers a wealth of potential benefits to counter the effects and enhance your quality of life. Are you looking to reduce inflammation or enhance tissue repair? Improve immune or brain function? Increase energy and metabolism? The innate intelligence of Stem Cells, Ozone, and other therapy options can address all of these and more. Drs. Roger and William Billica, MDs, and the team at Tri-Life Health are ready to help you. Call the office or request an appointment online today.

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What is regenerative medicine? 

Regenerative Medicine at Tri-Life Health involves a variety of treatment modalities, including Stem Cells, that stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities. Evaluation and treatment plans are individualized to meet your specific needs.

 A Regenerative Treatment Protocol may include:

  • Stem Cell Therapies
  • IV Therapies
  • Nutritional Interventions
  • Detoxification Strategies
  • Joint Specific Injections

What is regenerative medicine used for? 

Regenerative Medicine can be implemented for general health and anti-aging purposes. It also offers a wealth of benefits in the treatment of numerous injuries and chronic illnesses.

Regenerative Medicine can:

  • Reduce chronic pain and inflammation
  • Promote the growth of new tissues
  • Heal injuries
  • Optimize energy and metabolism
  • Reduce the effects and symptoms of aging

To determine if FSM is appropriate for you, a Tri-Life Health specialist reviews your symptoms and medical history. A brief physical exam may be included. Treatment recommendation is then made.

What happens during treatment? 

To determine if Regenerative therapies are appropriate for you, a Tri-Life Health specialist reviews your symptoms and medical history. A brief physical exam may be included. Individualized treatment recommendation is then made. You will be provided with information about and instructions for each therapy that is suggested. Appointments will be set, and the healing can begin!

Stem Cell Therapy may be a recommended part of your treatment plan. Stem Cells can be provided as IV Therapy for body-wide effects; injected directly into joints for inflammation, arthritis, and injuries; and applied as a facial to enhance skin quality and promote renewal.

What should I expect after the treatment? 

Symptom improvement and healing occur over time. A series of treatment sessions is generally required to optimize results. The frequency and number of visits will vary depending on your needs.

Healing is possible! Call the Tri-Life Health Treatment Center to learn more and find out if Regenerative Medicine is right for you.