If you or your child struggle with learning difficulties, are recovering from head trauma or a brain injury, then you will benefit from Brain Integration Therapy (BIT). In our practice, Brain Integration Therapy is integrated with other natural therapies, including nutritional support, Applied Kinesiology, AcuTherapy, and lab testing to provide you or your child optimal long-term results. Brain Integration Therapy has been used successfully to treat spectrum disorders, including ADD/ADHD, sensory issues, cognitive, social, and emotional disorders, to name a few. To see if Brain Integration Therapy is right for you, call Tri-Life Health to request an appointment today.

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What is Brain Integration Therapy? 

Brain Integration Therapy (BIT), also known as “brain repatterning” or “educational kinesiology,” is a non-invasive procedure used to change inefficient pathways in the brain to efficient ones. Repatterning was designed to make the learning processes become automatic by using the body to retrain the brain. The theory behind Brain Integration Therapy is to plug in the brain using the eyes, which improves neurological wiring and in-turn, integrates both the left and right hemispheres. This improves the ability to process visual, auditory, and kinesthetic information. This treatment requires individual sessions utilizing Brain Gym exercises, Applied Kinesiology, and AcuTherapy. Additional therapies and labs available through our clinic may also be recommended.

Who needs Brain Integration Therapy? 

Most people experience symptoms that suggest they would benefit from Brain Integration Therapy. People struggling with visual, auditory, and motor difficulties, as well as signs of learning stress, can overcome these challenges with this treatment. Some of these stressors may show up as:

  • Dyslexia or Dysgraphia
  • Difficulty with Speech
  • Auditory processing deficits
  • Poor eye/hand coordination
  • Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Poor reading comprehension or dislikes reading
  • Mood disorders or extreme emotions
  • Brain Trauma
  • Lacks organization skills
  • Inability to stay on task or complete projects
  • Trouble with speech or self-expression
  • Other learning deficits or developmental delays

If any of these problems present learning challenges or prevent you or your child from doing things you enjoy, then Brain Integration Therapy can help.

What are the benefits of Brain Integration Therapy?

You and your child can reap numerous benefits by choosing Brain Integration Therapy at our clinic, including:

  • Enhanced comprehension and organization skills
  • Improved behavior
  • Better memory and emotional stability
  • Improved reading and math skills
  • Stronger social relationships and self-esteem
  • Increased job and school performance

Brain Integration Therapy is a natural, non-invasive treatment for learning problems and to improve overall daily stressors in your life. It can help you or your child avoid medications associated with unpleasant side-effects. Brain Integration Therapy sessions are fun, motivating, and easy to do.

How many treatments are required?

Every person is different, which is why our clinic specializes in tailoring each person’s program and sessions to meet their individual needs. The average person will require 6-10 weekly sessions along with exercises performed at home 4-5 times weekly to yield the best results for you or your child.

Brain Integration Therapy can help you or your child improve cognition or excel in school or the workplace. To schedule your appointment or a free 15-minute consultation with our nutritionist, contact Tri-Life Health today.