What is EMF Radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation, in classical physics, the flow of energy at the universal speed of light through free space or through a material medium in the form of the electric and magnetic fields that make up electromagnetic waves such as radio waves, visible light, and gamma rays.
EMR can have variable effects on biological tissues, some helpful and some damaging.

Why should I be concerned with EMF Radiation?

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How do Pranan Devices Work?

Pranan devices have proven to be very effective in protecting against electromagnetic radiation in the tests conducted while using mobile phones, or when a person is exposed to environmental electromagnetic stress (5G, Wi-Fi, cell towers, etc.). This is mainly because our technology aims to eliminate “cellular noise,” which we understand as “an external pathogen that hinders cellular communication.” This is clearly observed in the dark field microscopy test we conducted.

The elimination of this “cellular noise” is attempted by transmitting the necessary information to the cell so that it can perform its function correctly (through balancing impulses of very low intensity). In other words, the micro-pulses emitted by our technology provide the information received by the organism and correct the alteration caused by electromagnetic radiation. Or in other words, we help the cell “re-tune” or perform a “reset” when it loses the emission signal.

One key aspect is ensuring that this signal is clear, without interference. If we draw an analogy with an analog radio, what we do is try to tune and adjust the frequencies so that the melodies are interference-free. Therefore, for our devices to fulfill this function of emitting balanced frequencies clearly, various factors come into play. One of them is the composition and atomic structure of the materials we use. In this regard, one of the materials we use is carbon-based. Nanodiamonds contribute to making the “signal” emitted by our devices clearer and extending its reach. Hence, we have improved both protection performance and coverage.

As Pranan devices act within the organism to balance the imbalance caused by electromagnetic radiation at the biochemical level (free radicals, inflammation, etc.), bioelectric level (alteration of brain frequencies), and energetic level (absorbing our energy), as the radiation frequency and intensity increase, the alteration becomes greater and protection more complicated. Therefore, our devices are effective against non-ionizing radiation (radio-wave, microwave, infrared rays) however, do not protect against ionizing radiation (gamma rays, X-rays, etc.).

Our technology should be understood as assistance provided to the organism to protect itself from electromagnetic radiation. Since each organism may react differently to radiation, protection may vary for each individual.

Hence the importance of continuing to research new materials and processes to minimize the size of the materials we use. Another aspect influencing the effectiveness of our devices is that the materials composing our technology are printed in very thin layers (nanometers). When the size of the materials approaches that of the atom, they present a greater relative surface area, and they exhibit optical, electronic, electromagnetic, magnetic, and electrical properties that are different and/or improved compared to larger particles of the same material. In other words, the material begins to acquire quantum properties.

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January 2024 – “I bought the Pranan pocket device. I am an RN at a large hospital and constantly surrounded by many electrical machines & wi-fi monitors. Since I have been using this device on my 10 hour shifts, my headaches are completely gone as well as my brain fog. Thank you SO much!” – Ana

February 2024 – “I have had it [Pranan Phiwaves] on my body and it [Pranan BioSpace] in my household for 8 months now. I feel since using these [devices] I have not experienced any EMF infestation symptoms.” – Nat

March 2024 – “I had a lot of headaches and insomnia, also ringing in my ears, like tinnitus. With the antennas that they had placed on the street, in the hospital area, I noticed that I was getting sick, due to the high exposure I had in that area. I got so sick that I thought I had some kind of sunstroke. As soon as I put on the Pranan device [Jewel] it was wonderful. At home I noticed a tremendous improvement, I was more stable, my head no longer hurt and I slept more hours in a row. Now I’m so much better. It undoubtedly works. I was hesitant at first, but I highly recommend them. I carry the device everywhere, I no longer have headaches, and the fatigue has disappeared, and I am having a restful rest.” – Ruth

April 2024 – “I have been using the personal EMF protection, that I keep in my pocket, since September 2023. I do believe it has improved my sleep and created more positive moods. I keep it in my pocket during the day & slip it into my pillowcase at night. Basically, I am covered almost 100% of the time doing this.” – Daisy

May 2024 – “After getting the [Pranan] devices to help protect against EMF, and going through Dr. Billicas’ treatment protocols, I felt better than I have in my entire adult life at the age of 41. I have never been more at peace and feeling better than I have since I was a child!” – A. McD.

2023 – “Thanks to Pranan devices, I can lead a more normal life and tolerate electromagnetic fields much better. I have noticed the benefits from the first moment. “ – Nadia

2023 – “I have Fibromyalgia and from the first day I started using the Phiwaves the dizziness, nausea and discomfort disappeared. My life has changed radically, from being operational only 4 hours a day (because the rest was spent in bed). I now a live a normal life. I can sleep for 5-6 hours and feel like I have as much energy as I did when I was little. I am totally amazed because my migraines, vertigo, nausea, chronic fatigue and general bone pain have disappeared. It is fascinating that such a small device has completely recovered my life.” – Anonymous

2023 – “I have had terrible headaches for a year and a half now, with ringing n my ears an sensitivity in my mouth. Thanks to the Pranan Pendant, ten minutes after putting it on, my jaw aches & headaches completely disappeared, as well as the ringing in my ears. I will always be grateful for the normal life I now lead. I recommend this device 100% to anyone. I thought this was something impossible, because there is so much advertising for so many things that you don’t know if they will work. But I can assure you 100% that this [Pranan Pendant]is effective and it has changed my life.” – Anonymous (Granada, Spain)

2023 – “The sensation I have had with this [Pranan Phiwaves] device is that it is working for me. The first two days were ones of adaptation, and by the third day I was feeling that it was working very well. Especially at bedtime, I fell asleep and rested so much better. I also felt better when using my laptop and mobile phone.” – Cadiz (Spain)

2023 – “My experience with Pranan device. I am very happy, because before having it I felt quite bad, I felt like a lot of electricity in my body. In fact, I thought about moving house, to another area with fewer antennas. Since I bought the device (Pranan) two months ago I have stopped feeling the electricity. I’m super happy, I don’t even remember the antennas. I have to have the device close to me, otherwise I feel electricity. I also sleep more soundly, which is wonderful.” – Epana

2023 – “What I have noticed most is that I sleep much better, it is truly amazing. I have an antenna nearby in the neighborhood, this one bothered me, I couldn’t sleep very well. Now I sleep much better, more deeply. In the morning, I wake up more rested, with more energy. I have noticed that I have less mental “fog”, more clarity, on a cognitive level I feel more awake. I have noticed all this a lot. I am very happy now. I take the medallion [Phiwaves Jewel] with me everywhere.” – Anonymous

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